It’s a Friday night in a Nashville November, and Isis is staring out her new 4th floor apartment window at the foreign winter sky. It’s been several months since she traded Florida stability and family for a dream she claims to be the reason she’s alive. Leaving Orlando for Tennessee wasn’t so much of a strategic music decision, as it was an undeniable pull her heart could no longer ignore. Arriving to a whole new world with wide eyed beginnings and promising adventures, proved to be a different journey than she had in mind.

Isis grew up in a home where whatever dreams she had were going to be supported.
“I realize now just how incredible and fortunate that was. I went from wanting to be a gymnast, to having a girl band to being a Broadway star, and my mom had a list of the best musical theater school’s for me after my first acting class.” Although her parents were behind her regardless, Isis’ mom knew from the beginning that the music industry would be her path. “I was home schooled my whole life. I got a guitar for my 13th birthday and started picking it up at 14. My mom gave me a book for my songs, years before I wrote any. I didn’t believe I would.” When the fifteen year old excitedly ran to her mom’s home office at 2 am to show her a song she’d written, she wasn’t surprised. “It was inspired by a boy at youth group who dated a girl after saying he liked me. I found the only way to truly get out my feelings was by finding a way to sing them.” That was the beginning.

Fast forward a few years and about a hundred songs later and you have a broken feeling IS, sitting at her window going over every Nashville moment. With new friendships seeming impossible, her family situation changing, and attempting making music in a city that was stocked full, she was starting to feel lost.

“It wasn’t until I saw Switchfoot that December in 2011, that I realized just who I wanted to be.” Hearing a crowd like that sing back such inspiring words as “This is your life, are you who you wanna be?” and daring people to move, moved her. “I had a vision in that moment, of being on a stage where I got to watch people sing back the words that got me through my toughest times, knowing it was helping them. I knew I was here for more than having fun and playing shows. I was here for the same reason I was in that audience. I needed something to believe in again. I truly believe God placed me here to bring it all back to Him. He’s the reason I can write a joyful song in heart breaking circumstances.”


*IS — Isis Danae Mena-Winner National Vocalist/Artist at GMA Immerse 2011 in Nashville, TN (Gospel Music Association)– Many artists and writers have been discovered or launched their careers through GMA’s IMMERSE (formerly Music in The Rockies), including Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Jars of Clay, Nichole Nordeman, Bart Millard (MercyMe), Barlow Girl, Stacie Orrico, Point of Grace, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Chris Sligh and 2007 American Idol winner Jordin Sparks.